About The Company

Mission Statement

You can find our products and services all over this website. The main idea is always the same: we develop and implement the smartest solution for your ICT challenge. And we are 100 percent loyal to you, our customer – not to our vendors.



2018: Paessler Training Partner

Early 2018 we joined Paessler for the second year in a row at InfoSecurity. Later we became the first official training partner in Belgium.

2017: Bigger Team

An even bigger team: Wouter and Yochi filled the void left by Bram when he decided to go for another challenge. They will take care of customer support. Hanneke joined the group and will see to our administration.

2015: New office

The project started in 2014, but on the 5th of January 2015 we had our first meeting in our new offices at Battelsesteenweg 340, 2800 Mechelen. During the build, Bram joined the team and helped grow the business.

2014: New Web site

The last phase of the company redesign has been finished. Not only have we created a new look, logo and website, we have also found someone to capture the company’s unique approach in words. Finally, the website offers a clear picture of what we do.

2013: First employee

The company doubles in size. Wim Wittesaele is hired to help Road2Result grow. And that is exactly what happens thanks to extra in-house expertise, new services and heightened flexibility.

2004: The Start

Road2Result is founded in 2004 by Bert van Hove

At this time, Bert has ten years of experience in ICT consulting and coaching under his belt. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who feels comfortable in both operational and managerial environments. He draws on all his skills in founding his own company: Road2Result focuses on ICT and management services for small and medium-sized businesses.