Small businesses and large corporations

Road2Result supports small businesses and large corporations alike. Does your company have an internal ICT department? Then we will assist you with migration and implementation projects. Our extensive knowledge of all available products is the key to your success.

No dedicated in-house ICT personnel? No problem. Road2Result will take care of all your network issues: we design, implement and maintain your entire ICT infrastructure.

Positive follow-on effects

It is a deliberate choice of ours to support all kinds of businesses. Taking this approach creates benefits on all sides. Large projects challenge us to push our in-depth knowledge of specific products. Issues like co-existence, seamless migration and end-user experience often come into play. Other projects then benefit from our newly-gained knowledge.

And the positive effects of this approach go both ways. Supporting entire, small networks improves our understanding of the interactions between all software and hardware involved. This broad overview helps us to identify the issues and challenges that support teams in large companies have to deal with.


"We were in need of a complete IT check-up. Road2Result quickly upgraded our Windows Servers from the 2003 version to the 2012 R2 edition. And our virtual environment was upgraded from VMware 4 to VMware 5.5."

Ben Born, Administratief Directeur, Wingerdbloei

"We used to be part of a big network. But we split our Active Directory to enable us to work independently from our sister company. That required some out of the box thinking. Luckily, Road2Result came up with the innovative solutions we were hoping for. It managed the whole transition flawlessly – with an on time and within budget delivery. Road2Result also kept a link to our sister company. That way, joint projects and collaboration are still possible."

Philippe Marecaux, Triplem

"After an extensive search, we discovered Road2Result. And the company delivered. Careful preparation and a wealth of experience made our network infrastructure completely future-proof. Now we are all set with the reliable platform we were looking for."

Siska Castelein, De Dennen vzw

"Road2Result has been our “go-to-guy” to support our internal IT-infrastructure since 2004.

The Road2Result-team is dedicated to deliver efficiency and excellence at any hour or day of the week. In 2014, Road2Result advised us to upgrade our entire server environment to a virtual platform. From domain controller, exchange to a simple application server; everything was cleaned, upgraded and optimized to meet up with the latest technology standards. Due to their expertise Road2Result managed to complete the project within the predefined timeframe and budget.

In business you need a trusted, dedicated and reliable partner, you found him!"

Joris Van Melkebeke, Business Development Manager, Smart I.T.

"Our former IT manager left before the new one arrived. Luckily, Road2Result was able to bridge the gap and ensure continuity. Their IT manager took control of operations and led the helpdesk and IT team."

Koen Peeters, CFO, Studio 100

"After thoughtful consideration, we decided to switch virtualization platforms. We traded Microsoft Hyper-V for VMware. Because Road2Result knows our IT infrastructure inside and out, the transfer only took them a couple of days."

Udo Reinertz, Directeur Financier, Groupe Jans